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ARE YOU BETTER OFF? By, Louise Annarino,September 5, 2012

5 Sep

ARE YOU BETTER OFF?, By Louise Annarino, September 5,2012

“Are you better off now than you you were four years ago?” is a question for those looking backwards, a talking point of the Republican party. For those looking FORWARD the question is, “Which candidate will make America better off over the next four years?”. The answer to that question can be answered by looking at each candidate’s past records:

-record of professional goals and accomplishments

-records of political and legislative accomplishments,

-record of executive (public or private) successes and failures

-record of displays of personal character and personal judgment

-tax records and transparency of all other records

But, the review of past behaviors merely discloses what we need to know about the candidate; not what we need to know about the future of America. Only time will reveal that. It does,however, give us some idea of how each individual will face the unknown future. I know Barack Obama’s record. He has been the most transparent and willing to disclose president despite his natural reticence and reserve. His focus has been on the entire country, on the needs of each and every individual, and on the the impact of American leadership on the world. Mr. Romney is the least transparent candidate, unwilling to disclose neither his personal records, nor his legislative strategy and executive policy. He denies and misstates the public record of which we are aware. Despite his natural gregariousness, he hides from us. His focus is on investors, making money and exploring tax havens for himself and others. Putting his dog on the roof of his car doesn’t exactly inspire trust in his judgment.

I can answer the important question “Who will make America better over the next four years?” – the same person who has made it better every day since he took office in 2008, Barack Obama.




18 May


Louise Annarino

May 17,2012


Citizens United says Corporations are people. A business entity has same rights and privileges as human beings. Corporations must not be regulated, restricted; nor taxed at a rate equal to individual human beings in order for the corporation to survive and thrive. It has the rights of a human being, must be allowed to act freely without restrictions.


Government of The United States of America is an entity of the people, by the people and for the people.  It must be limited, restricted, and not allowed to thrive or survive by raising taxes. It is not a person, thus has no rights, even though the people fought and died to create it and keep it alive. It must be constrained and restricted.


I get your point. I just disagree.


Corporations are not us. Why are they entitled to more than we are?