14 Sep

SHERROD BROWN needs our help. President Obama needs his voice and his support  during his second term. Please consider rushing a donation to Senator Brown TODAY.

54 days until the election.
Brown: 43.6%, Mandel: 41.4% — recent polling that has this race virtually tied.
$17 million in special interest attacks against me on Ohio TV.
$3 million left for us to raise before the end.
$50,000 a day to make that a reality.

There’s incredible energy coming out of our convention in Charlotte last week, and we should capitalize on this moment while we can. I know you’ve stood by us before, and I’m thankful for your past support.

But right now the special interests are coming at me harder than ever, and it’s essential we respond.

Will you consider giving another donation of $10 or more right now, and help us raise the $3 million we need before November?

More than one recent poll has shown our race tightening significantly. But I focus on different numbers, numbers that mean so much more than polling and negative attack spending.

Like the 850,000 jobs that we saved in Ohio through the auto industry.
Or the 1.9 million Ohioans who rely on Medicare.
Or the 382,000 Ohio students who saw their student loan rates remain low thanks to our action.
Or the 116,000 of you who have already contributed time and hard-earned money to this campaign.


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