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Louise Annarino

June 8, 2012

I have been asked on more than a few occasions, by Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Rand supporters if there is anything I don’t like about President Obama. The question is a legitimate one since I remain so supportive of our current president, willingly and strongly oppose any attack upon his presidency or personhood, and encourage others to support him at every opportunity that one might consider my approval of the president too good to be true.

Supporting Obama, or any candidate for that matter, does not mean that one approves his every move, agrees with every position, or does not cringe upon occasion. It does not mean one is unable to assess with reason and wisdom Obama’s actions, or failure to act. It does not mean one does not appreciate certain positions of opposition candidates, nor of the opposition party. There are things I appreciate about every political party. I am seldom 100% happy with any of them.

We are all human. The Tower of Babel fell thousands of years ago and we have had trouble communicating with one another ever since. Of course we experience mistrust, tension and fear of one another. We are destined to disagree with one another. How do we overcome this? How do we not become cynical? How do we build a future in such a confusing world where people behave so contrarian? How do we remain supportive of one another? How do we move forward?

We move forward as President Obama has shown us: by simply putting one foot in front of the other and doing the best we can with what we have to work with. That is what a pragmatist does. Ideologues rant and rave, whine and tear up, demean and distort, and poke their fingers in another’s face. The pragmatist keeps on “keeping on”. While the moaners and groaners fall behind, the pragmatist moves forward. He never gives up. When he reaches a brick wall, he climbs over it, digs under it, or goes around it; but, he keeps moving. I recognize this trait in president Barack Obama because it is one of my own.

Some say President Obama and I are stubborn. Maybe so. I just know giving up on the goal is not an option; letting go of the plan, however, is often necessary and wise. We don’t always produce what we hoped for, but we keep producing. We don’t always reach the goals we sought, but we move closer. My writing is not always the best. I keep writing; and, leave to the Creator, the rest. Like President Obama, writers need thick skins. They offer themselves to the public, expecting  little but negative feedback.

Like President Obama, writers can take constructive criticism. Here is a list of criticisms of the man I fully support:

1.  Afghanistan – Leave ASAP or sooner.

2.  We need universal health care – medicare for all- single payer plan.

3.  Immigration – Dream Act immediately/prioritize unification of families over deportation/better quota system. Rein in ICE.

4.  Stop referring to Congress as the problem – Republicans in House and Republicans in Senate are obstructionists;not your own party. the vote statistics tell the tale. Use the data. Be clear and specific as to who is obstructing your efforts; Name names.

5.  Insist on Stimulus: explain that government must lead the recovery and why.

6.  Demand more proactive Justice Department – voting rights, civil rights, wall street fraud and collusion. Go after those who sank our economy with fraudulent schemes, including the “best bankers” in the country.

7.  More fireside chats for all, fewer rallies for supporters.

8.  Walk with Labor- we missed your promised leadership in Wisconsin.

9.  Rehire government workers – regular salary increases and no furloughs.

  1. You lead and let Republicans attack and show their true colors. Better to fight and lose, than to accede to wrong policies and principles.
  2. No more back-room deals with ANYBODY.

I wake up every day happy to know Barack Obama leads this country. I don’t believe anyone could do better than he has done with so little to work with and with such oppositional behavior by members of both parties; and despite Republican party obstructionism intended solely to destroy his presidency. Like other African-Americans before him, he has been measured against untenable standards to which white men are not held. He has faced daily racial assaults;some openly racist, most covert, and some subliminal even to the perpetrator. The intent of the Republican leadership is not simply to win the 2012 election, but to create such a negative and powerless image of an African-American presidency that we won’t soon elect another person of color. It is not simply about this election;it is about our racial history.

I could not be prouder of the way President and Ms. Obama face such long odds in our racially charged society, and overcome them. I am certain few, and certainly none of the current crop of, candidates could ever come close to their interpersonal and leadership skills. Politics is dirty business, and no politician can lead without getting muddy. But President Obama is open about this, admits his failures, remains transparent in his undertakings and asks us to hold him accountable. This is why I am voting for President Obama. He is not always able to make me perfectly happy;  but then, who could? Not Mr. Romney. Not Mr. Paul. He’s not perfect, and neither am I. None of us is.


One Response to “SO HE’S NOT PERFECT”

  1. davegirves June 18, 2012 at 3:08 am #

    I disagree with what you say here . . . about 1% of it. The rest I wish I had said myself and just as eloquently. I will post this on my blog and sent it to my neighborhood team.

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