8 Jun



Louise Annarino

June 7, 2012


It has been so dry here. Finally, the rains have come to clear the air of pollution and allergens and the whisper of ruined crops. Plants freshen their colors in the mix of water and carbon dioxide absorbed by their leaves, painting new lines of life for roots to grow deeper and  leaves to reach higher as the soil dries and expands in the coming days.


I hear the birds as if at a distance, not of miles but of hiding away in nearby bushes. They playfully sing out to one another, chattering away between moments of sublime wealth as they open their beaks to tiny drops of moisture. Gratitude lifts them while their wings remain folded tight against their sides.


A moment in time to reflect upon this 2012 presidential campaign where my words fall on parched ground, hoping to drown out the pollution which fills our airwaves, the allergens of bad intent which harm our civil discourse. I seek a cleansing of the hurt and anger I sense in my fellow citizens who suffer such poverty of body, mind and emotion after years of struggling to merely keep up, knowing they fall farther and farther behind,as the few march strong and sure ahead. My words rain on the parade of those who have made it ahead of the curve, before the streets fell part, factories closed, and our health was destroyed by the food and chemicals we ingest from a chemical and hormone-soaked soil, draining into algae-ridden waterways, and the water we drink. All for their profit, parade organizers, funded by a handful of billionaires, lead the way, tossing few pieces of candy to the crowd in promise of nothing more substantial than the grins of those who win.


Are we mere children? Does a piece of candy tossed our way suffice to give our vote away and suffer the lies of a candidate who will say anything to lead the parade? Who has left most of us behind every time in order to get ahead? Does a piece of candy suffice to give our vote away to a candidate who acknowledges he deliberately sent his goons to disrupt his opposition’s public discussion of economic issues he fears will disclose his true Massachusetts record? Does he think that impresses those of us who seek to know truth, who believe it will set us free? Does he not know that the rains will come regardless of his ability to spend $1.3 million dollars on campaign ads? Even he cannot stop the rain from falling. What else doesn’t he know?


Does he believe everyone will simply stand still as voters are removed from the polls simply because they might not vote for him, as voters are restricted to time and place to prevent votes being cast at all, as voters are refused information needed to find their correct voting location, as voters are permitted to show gun permits but not university ID in order to cast a vote? Does he think we cannot see through the dust he has kicked up? The rains will come. The dust will settle. And he will lose. The parade will go one and we will be marching, not watching along the sidelines, and we will leave him in his dust. He can keep his candy for himself. We never wanted it.



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