18 May


Louise Annarino

May 18, 2012


Who keeps the time

to say

when change

is on the way ?

Or marks the place

we stand

where change

meets new demands?

Or opens the book

which tells

which change

expands and swells?

Or fills the gap


which change

remains unseen?


Who is this time


Of mutual discourse,

Of unfulfilled promises,

and half-way-there schemes

which lack the votes or means

to reach the goals we set

together once?

Was it less than four years ago?

It seems so

much longer when

we went to vote

for better times and thought

we could rely on

One another to reach across

the aisles, for once.


Who is this time


staunch and loyal


who remains faithful

to the pledge

that time is on

Our side

with history pointing the way

and setting the pace

despite those who place

Obstacles in our way

to stop the metronome

and stand in the way

to delay progress

until election day?

Vote OBAMA! Keep time by marching forward together.


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