5 May


Louise Annarino

May 4,2012

All over the country local grassroots groups like the Worthington Area Democratic Club (WADC) are restructuring activities to campaign on warp speed, as illustrated by the following memo:

Instead of holding our usual WADC monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 16, we have decided to ask our friends and members to volunteer to assist the Worthington area Obama For America campaign, headed by Lucie Pollard and Glenda Overbeck.

Their contact information is as follows:

Lucie Pollard” <>, 785-1843

Glenda Overbeck” <>, 436-3229

We also will be continuing our collection of petition signatures for placing the anti-gerrymandering amendment on the November ballot.  Lucie Pollard is coordinating this.

Individual campaigns for Senator Sherrod Brown, Cong. candidate Jim Reese  and HD 21 candidate Donna O’Connor are looking for volunteers.

Their contact information is as follows:

Sen. Sherrod Brown”

Jim Reese”

Donna O’Connor”

We expect to get back to our regular WADC meetings in June.

Thank you for your support!


Wherever you are, whoever you are, ask yourself one thing: Do you support the failed policies of:

– de-regulation of Wall Street, banks, corporations, environment, food safety,   education.

– 15% tax rate on hedge fund, commodities, and investment traders’ income.

– lowest tax rate in history on regular income of wealthiest citizens.

– 15% tax rate on those living on investment income rather than labor income.

    • legislative attack on women’s health, income parity, wages, privacy, and care of their infants and toddlers.
    • increasing health care premiums, deductibles, costs without accountability to  consumers.
    • return to extreme fees and punitive rate increases on ATM use and credit cards.
    • reduction of PELL grants, Stafford Loans, and other student financial aid vehicles; and, increase in interest rates on same; and, privatization of student loan programs which rewards banks over students.
    • denial of health care insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions.
    • reduction in medicaid benefits for the poorest disabled and children among us.
    • elimination of LGBT civil rights: to join military, engage in civil unions, visit partners in hospitals, share financial wealth while alive and access the wealth of an estate upon death, etc.
    • return to benign neglect at best and outright racist legislative policies governing African-American, Latino, Asian, Arabic and other people of color.
    • oppressive immigration policies which fail to consider humanity of the immigrant, rights and needs of their children born in USA, and labor needs of America’s businesses, innovative ideas from new cultural infusion.
    • ignorance and disdain for the developmental stages of childhood, and the diversity of learning styles; continued “teaching to the test” instead of “teaching to the child”.
    • elimination of unions which are the engine driving increased wealth within the middle class, increasing GNP and productivity of American companies.
    • foreign affairs based on “my way or the highway” philosophy rather than on informed and thoughtful presidential leadership, favors war over limited police actions, does not avail itself of latest technological advances, ignores privacy and civil rights of detainees etc.,would willingly violate Geneva Convention’s ban on torture.
    • privatization, underfunded vouchers replacing guaranteed medicare.
    • risky 401Ks to replace social security contributions for young workers, underfunding guaranteed benefits for oder retirees.
    • appointment of more Supreme Court Justices who think corporations are human beings.

This list is not comprehensive, but should at least explain why we must do several things:

1.Re-elect President Barack Obama. We need his continued pragmatic wisdom and  leadership.

2.Elect Democratic candidate to the U.S.House of Representatives.

3.Elect Democratic candidate to the U.S. Senate.

4.Elect Democratic candidates to the State House and State Senate.

5.Elect Democratic judges.

We do not do this to “Take back our country,” as Republicans constantly assail us. We do it to take control of the Senate, take back the House and keep the presidency. This is not about taking  back or losing our country; it is about taking or losing political office. Those are two very different things and indicate why the Republican point of view has become so toxic and does not serve us well. In years past the rallying cry for each party was “take back the House, the Senate, the Presidency!” Now, for Republicans it is “Take back the country!”.

We don’t lose our country when our party loses an election, and others take control. It is still ours. We don’t lose our religion when religion has no political control over us. Our religion, and that of each believer, is still ours. We don’t lose our freedom and civil rights when we lose a political race; but, the Republican leadership believe we do.

I don’t want a party in control which believes those outside the party must lose their freedom and their rights as citizens, should they lose a political race. That kind of “freedom” is not what our military fights to protect. That is not the political system our founding fathers created. If we wanted an aristocracy of the 1%, religious control of our laws and institutions, and a government which recognized only its own rights and not those of the citizenry we could have just continued to be ruled by George III and the Church of England.

But we are Americans. Republicans who remember this, Independents who firmly hold to this, and Democrats who are struggling to keep this truth must do all we can to make it possible for a re-elected President Obama to enact his forward looking policies into law. He needs a Democratically controlled House and Senate. We need to help make it happen. Even if you have only a limited amount of time and energy, when you join with others, the power to keep moving forward is unstoppable. Good-bye George III, once and for all.


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