25 Apr


Louise Annarino

April 26,2012


Diversity of biological forms, structures,colors,scents is the basis of evolutionary change which assures survival of plants, insects, animals and human beings. As the environment changes, it is diverse structures and mechanisms within living things which enables them to channel the new data bombarding it, and make peace with it.


Look at the winged seeds of a maple tree. Every seed blown from a maple tree is slightly different, taking advantage of every slight difference in wind patterns, to assure the seed’s dispersal near and far. It is not uniformity and consistency which assures the tree’s survival but complexity and diversity.


The ability to change, to expect that nothing ever is exactly like its kin, to anticipate shifts in the wind and create a diverse response team is the hallmark of success for maple trees and for human beings.


We must vote for politicians who create diverse teams, and are thus well prepared for whatever winds may blow threw our country; and, who do not make a stand upon fossilized ideas, but are willing to evolve into great leaders of all of our diverse people. This is the only way our country can survive and thrive within the great forests of the world.


We must elect politicians who are unafraid to confront seed destroyers: those who create too much heat with angry attacks, those who create too much moisture throwing cold water over any idea different from their own, those who blanket the earth with distortions and lies using up space on the forest floor so seeds of truth cannot take root, those who block sunlight and transparency refusing to disclose or answer questions needing answers, and those whose own fears of annihilation compel them to destroy all within their reach.


We have  a president who embodies diversity, who is willing to work the earth alongside the grassroots to nurture the seeds of growth in America, and of its people. 2008 was a revolution. 2012 will be our continuing evolution. Hand me a hoe. I have some seeds to plant.


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