26 Mar

Louise Annarino
March 26, 2012

Italians are great storytellers. An Italian does not simply answer a question; he tells you a story. An Italian does not simply tell you how he feels; he tells you a story. An Italian does not simply give you directions; he tells you a story. Life is an opera. There is no feeling, event,or experience that is big enough when simply explained. Everything is bigger and better when described in a story; the more dramatic, the better.

This does not mean that the main point an Italian is making is false. Colorful descriptions are often added to bolster the drama; not change its core truth.If the descriptions are accurate the storyteller is not lying. He is merely helping you enjoy the story. The story is authentic. An authentic story is powerful. Authentic stories uplift us, strengthen us, guide us in the pursuit of larger truths than we could conceive without them.

But, when a story is constructed with the marriage of fact and pure fiction, it not authentic truth. It becomes fantasy. When the storyteller believes his fantasy, it may appear true; but, it is very dangerous. Such fantasies can be pleasant to hear, but their dishonesty is destructive. Rather than uplift us, they bring us down to the low baseness. Rather than strengthen us, they weaken us. Rather than open our minds to larger truths, they narrow our thinking. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is a storyteller who believes his story; but, too many of his stories are fantasies. http://articles.philly.com/2012-03-11/news/31145518_1_rick-santorum-heinz-campaign-student-body

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is not such a gifted storyteller as Mr. Santorum. While it is true that a good storyteller alters his story to reach his audience, the story must be authentic. He may use different color commentary to describe the facts; but, he should never change the facts. And, the color commentary must also be true. Mr. Romney, too often, changes his facts. When he repeats a fact truthfully, his descriptive color is untrue. One need only recall that he did/did not support the auto industry bailout. he did/did not approve Massachusetts/Obama healthcare plans. His facts and fiction change so much so that his stories lose all authenticity. One wonders if even he believes his own stories. Like Mr. Santorum, Mr. Romney’s stories are fantasies.

Where are the “birthers” when we need them?


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