26 Feb


Louise Annarino


One role of government is to secure the safety of its populace. Government attorneys prosecute criminals. Individuals do not. Individuals may bring a civil claim for the injuries they personally sustained as a result of a criminal act. The criminal act is defined by city, state, county, or federal law. Government Prosecutors bring criminal charges on behalf of their entire communities. Crime is consider an offense not just against individuals; but, against the entire community. We have been told that the Occupy Movement, representing the 99% of the community, is dangerous to the community and must be shut down.

“Now here’s something astonishing. While the camp was in existence, crime went down 19 percent <http://www.ktvu.com/news/news/emails-exchanged-between-oakland-opd-reveal-tensio/nGMkF/> in Oakland, a statistic the city was careful to conceal. “It may be counter to our statement that the Occupy movement is negatively impacting crime in Oakland,” the police chief wrote to the mayor in an email that local news station KTVU later obtained and released to little fanfare. Pay attention: Occupy was so powerful a force for nonviolence that it was already solving Oakland’s chronic crime and violence problems just by giving people hope and meals and solidarity and conversation.”

Excerpt from

http://www.thenation.com/article/166394/why-media-love-violence-protesters-and-not-banks <http://www.thenation.com/article/166394/why-media-love-violence-protesters-and-not-banks>

Why? Human beings are social beings who seek close and meaningful ties to one another. We are not hatched from eggs; we come from the womb of another human being and yearn the rest of our lives for such intimacy with another human being. Even E.T. just wanted to go home. We all want to go home, to the place where we are heard, understood and accepted. This is why young people form gangs, fraternities and sororities, clubs, and Facebook friends. This is why we Tweet, and blog. We seek communion.

The Occupy Movement is a study in communion. It is a sacred act of humbling the self for the good of the whole. What can it teach us about reducing crime? It teaches us that meeting the basic needs of food and shelter, offering a safe haven for ideas and creative output, listening and responding to others’ fears and concerns, and acting to restore justice and mercy can heal a city; can reduce crime.

My First Holy Communion seemed magical. I dressed like a bride; even wore a veil circled with fragrant flowers. My heart sang a new melody when the Host dissolved on my tongue. I connected with God, the God whose Son humbled himself for the good of the whole. I understand communion. I understand what happened in Oakland. The Occupy Movement is a sacred act. Supporting the 99%, as President Obama does every day, is a religious act, a sacred act. Politics get dirty. The Occupy Camps get dirty. Life gets dirty; ask any kid who knows how to play it. Dirt does not make sacred acts less holy. “Ashes to ashes; dust to dust”; we all simply want to get dirty, and go home.


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