“Fired Up And Ready To Go” in 2012

17 Jan

Ohioans are weary after months of collecting petition signatures to place referendums on the 2012 ballot to protect collective bargaining and worker rights, safeguard voter registration and election process, and provide a reasonable redistricting plan. These efforts followed many months struggling to pass the federal Stimulus Act and Affordable Care Act. Since Senator Obama was sworn in as President we have been appalled at the racism, lies and personal attacks upon President and Mrs. Obama. As Senator Mitchell (R/Ky) told us, the role of the Republican Congress has been to create a failed presidency. Despite facing incredible challenges to our economic survival, and a world reputation in tatters after the Bush-Cheney administration, President Obama continues to lift the nation’s burdens. Thus, despite our weariness, we know we must continue to support President Obama.

We do this by supporting his policies openly and vocally on social media sites, at the water cooler, and within our neighborhoods. Hopefully, the Democratic losses of 2010 will be corrected in 2012. We must not only re-elect President Obama; but, we must also elect Congresspersons and Senators in sufficient numbers to stop the Republican filibuster strategy. We must elect to statewide office those who welcome President Obama’s policies. Finally, we must support local officials who will further the implementation of those policies.

President Obama was clear throughout his presidential campaign that “We are the change”. He cannot succeed without us. The tasks ahead seem overwhelming when we are already so worn out from the fight to protect the 99% from the 1%. The only way we will be able to manage will be to raise an army of volunteers. Let us start now to recruit others. Over the next few weeks I shall post information on how to get involved in the Worthington area, and suggest formal and informal ways to make a difference in the 2012 campaign. The “more-the-merrier” has never been more true for exhausted political “junkies” who are still “fired up and ready to go”….again.

by Louise Annarino, 1-17-2012


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